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Hi, I am Coach Dris. I am a Resilience,
Mindset, and Performance Coach.

I have over a decade of experience working with international clients, founders, athletes, startups, and corporate organizations in 25 countries. I blend practical learning and experiential approaches into coaching, drawing from sports psychology, positive psychology, NLP, and social and emotional intelligence.

I work with ambitious people, founders, athletes, companies, and anyone eager to positively impact their world.

Drawing from my experience in conquering massive waves while surfing, I translate the principles of sports performance into the dynamic landscape of the business world.
I share stories about my surfing escapades, life challenges, and extensive experience working with clients, offering valuable perspectives on navigating the ebb and flow of professional and personal challenges. My clients can glean insights into the art of preparation, the interplay between physical and mental resilience, and how having purpose can help us fuel our ambitions.

I am here to show you possibilities where you can’t.

What I offer

I create space for deep and safe connections. I focus on helping, not on preaching.

Brands I Worked With

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Adam Gefvert, Stock Trader and Analyst
Adam Gefvert

CFA – Stock Trader and Analyst

leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

Resilience & Performance Coach

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leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

Resilience & Performance Coach

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High Performance Coaching for Start-up Founder

“The effectiveness of Dris’s High Performance Coaching lies in his ability to let us come up with our own answers. Dris puts you on the right path organically and consciously.”

Leila Echchihab

Co-founder Fisio / Founder Bliss You

“I’m very satisfied with the experience and feel that I’ve dealt with some of the very important ‘whats and whys’ for moving forward. The format you have devised to help people is well thought out.”

Care Racing

Sports High Performance Coaching - Car racing

Mindset and Performance Coaching Resources: Insider Advice on How to Train Your Mind

Let’s Make Things Happen

“Working with Dris was wonderful. His methodology is clear, effective and if you want to instigate change in your life, he is a supportive and helpful coach. I highly recommend his services.”

Lisa Cork

Chief Brand Strategist at Fresh Produce Marketing Ltd

leadership training coach dris

Coach Dris

Resilience & Performance Coach

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