Unlock Your Full Potential

High Performance Coaching Helping Leaders And Professional Athletes Become Their Very Best. I Focus On Maximizing Potential.

High Performance Coaching for Career Growth
  • Career Growth

Become Successful Sooner

I help you boost your career success by helping you maintain focus on results and work on what matter to you the most.

  • Skill Development

Commit To Excellence

I provide you with a holistic improvement plan to transform and train your mind and body, to become better at what you do.

High Performance Coaching for Focus
High Performance Coaching for finding balance
  • Finding Balance

Improve Mental Health

I give you the resources to take care of your emotional, psychological, and social well-being to handle stress better.

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leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

High Performance Coach

Unlock Your Full Potential

Become Your Very Best

Trusted by Ambitious People and Organizations Worldwide

I Help My Clients Reach Their Very Best By Working With Them Holistically.

I teach grit, growth mindset, and mental strength to increase your ability to work hard toward challenges and maintain effort and interest over the years, even with failure, adversity, and stagnating in progress.

I train your ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. These skills make great athletes and leaders.

I help you identify your blind spots and guide you to find out how to improve upon your specific craft, whatever this is. I empower you to take the necessary steps to become better at what you do.

I help you increase your energy and resilience levels by helping you eat well, move well, sleep well, and set up healthy habits to better manage your energy and positively transform your life.

I help you bring calm, clarity, and meaning by showing you how to reflect on your legacy, your core values, purpose, and alignment with your mission and vision.

High Performance Coaching
Sports High Performance Coaching - Coach Dris

I Use a High Performance Coaching Approach to Maximize Performance

We begin with a deep dive and an analysis of your psychological framework to gain a clearer understanding of how you make sense of yourself and the world around you.

I teach you how to change your mindset and show you how to make the best and most effective use of your situation and available resources.

We work together to create a High Performance Coaching plan and help you take action and start optimizing yourself. As a result of this process, you will be able to achieve and realize sustainable higher performance levels.

leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

High Performance Coach

Are you an Athlete, a Team, a CEO, an Executive, or an Entrepreneur?

Become Successful Sooner

Become successful sooner with Coach Dris

Hi, I am Coach Dris, and I have made it my mission to empower ambitious people to become their very best.

I am a high-performance coach who supports CEOs, Professional Athletes, Executives, and Entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their full potential and create more impact in their world.

I have been a corporate employee, start-up founder, and athlete, and I have learned the hard way what it feels like to work hectically and live aimlessly. I experienced depression, burnout, and anxiety. On my way to recovery, I learned everything about finding meaning and purpose, energy management, recovery practices, and sustained high performance, which I now share with others.

I have a multidisciplinary approach to coaching. I am methodical and practical. I combine sports psychology, positive psychology, NLP, eastern philosophy, and social and emotional intelligence techniques. I only use strategies and tools that are backed up by science.

My uniqueness is showing you possibilities where you can’t.

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I Build Relationships

I create space for deep and safe connections. I focus on helping, not on preaching.

High Performance Coaching for Start-up Founder

“The effectiveness of Dris’s High Performance Coaching lies in his ability to let us come up with our own answers. Dris puts you on the right path organically and consciously.”

Leila Echchihab

Co-founder Fisio / Founder Bliss You

High-Performance Resources: Insider Advice on How to Train Your Mind

Let’s Make Things Happen

“Working with Dris was wonderful. His methodology is clear, effective and if you want to instigate change in your life, he is a supportive and helpful coach. I highly recommend his services.”

Lisa Cork

Chief Brand Strategist at Fresh Produce Marketing Ltd

leadership training coach dris

Coach Dris

Are you an Athlete, a Team, a CEO, an Executive, or an Entrepreneur?

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