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Our mission is to empower, inspire and contribute to the growth and success of ambitious people who are on the pursuit of meaningful and purposeful living.

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Coach Dris

High Performance Coach

About Coach Dris

Dris is an experienced High-Performance coach consultant & trainer with in-depth expertise in training and designing learning and development processes multi-culturally across the following subjects: Leadership & Team development, coaching & mentoring, performance management, change management, product, and program design, mental strength & positive mindset, social & emotional intelligence, sports performance psychology, and diversity equity and inclusion.

With over 12 years of international experience, working with founders, managers, athletes, startups, and corporate organizations, coach Dris gained a rare insight into the factors that lead people to success. His coaching approach is practical and methodical. Coach dris blends techniques from positive psychology, sports psychology, NLP, neuroscience, and eastern philosophy to help his clients maximize their potential.


Certified NLP Master and Post Master Practitioner

Certified Career Expert and Management Coach

Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Certified Sport Performance Psychology Coach



Experienced in working with diverse cultures



Reached to clients in the 4 corners of the world



Over 500 executives, leaders, and athletes impacted


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Work worldwide face to face and remotely and do our best to match your time zone

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“Dris’s approach really helped the first-time founders from our woman-focused incubation program in Vietnam systemize their thinking. A true coach in every sense of the word.

Partner at Ascend Vietnam Ventures


Our qualifications and experience have earned us acclaimed accreditations. As a valued member amongst industry thought leaders, we have appeared in world-renowned online publications

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leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

High Performance Coach

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I am too self-conscious; and I worry about what others think about my skills and performance2021-08-22T17:10:23+01:00

This might be Imposter Syndrome. Becoming less self-conscious means changing your self-beliefs and gaining more confidence about your skills and performance.
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I have many self-doubts about myself and my competencies as a leader or as an athlete2021-08-22T17:11:25+01:00

You can become more confident by training your mind to overcome negative self-talk and rewiring the neuropathways in your brain towards a more positive outlook on yourself and your competencies.
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I am often anxious, worried, and excessively tense when at work or when in competition2021-10-04T14:51:10+01:00

You can overcome anxiety by being more present and focusing on the process rather than what can go wrong in the outcomes.
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I am overworked, overwhelmed, unhappy and unbalanced. I have no work-life balance2021-08-22T17:15:16+01:00

Structuring your time, setting up healthy boundaries, prioritizing, and changing your routines, chemistry, nutrition, and sleep can allow you to gain more energy, calm your mind, and have a better work-life balance.
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I don’t have a well-defined goals or specific outcome. I lack clarity and direction2021-08-22T17:38:06+01:00

Use your core values as a compass to give you a sense of direction, set a goal that is aligned with them, then break it down to small milestones using reverse goal setting.
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I have a burning desire to be the best at what I do but I am lacking tools and strategy2021-08-22T17:50:44+01:00

Ambition and motivation are great, but you don’t have to do this journey alone! Coaching is one of the best investments that you can make. The sooner you start, the better.
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“Dris helped me define my purpose, reflect on my values and beliefs and visualize the steps I can take to achieve my goal.”

Helen Worrall

Senior Consultant Psychologist

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leadership training coach dris

Coach Dris

High Performance Coach
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