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Train your mind, and achieve higher athletic performance levels

In professional sports, competition is at an all-time high. Athletes are challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally to keep up with the increasing levels of competitiveness. Now more than ever, it’s time to optimize your training and increase your performance.

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We Use a Systematic Approach to Maximize Performance

We begin with a deep dive and an analysis of your psychological framework to gain a clearer understanding of how you make sense of yourself and the world around you.

We teach you how to change your mindset and show you how to make the best and most effective use of your situation and available resources with our 9 key Sports Mental Skills.

We work together to create a plan and help you take action and start optimizing yourself. As a result of this process you will be able to achieve and realize higher sports performance levels.

Sports High Performance Coaching - Coach Dris
leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

High Performance Coach

Unlock Your Full Potential

Become Your Very Best

We Equip Athletes With a High-Performance Mindset

We teach the key principles to succeed as an athlete in a very structured and holistic way


Change your results by managing your internal dialogue

Your Why

Articulate your Why to have better resilience and motivation

Personal philosophy

Define your guiding principles and take better decisions

High Performance

Thrive using behavioral, neurobiology, and nutritional tools

Goal setting

Become better at setting goals and commit to realizing them


Learn how to become calm and focused at the same time


Condition yourself to enter the flow state on-demand

Mental rehearsal

Gain confidence by reinforcing your neuropathways


Learn techniques to manage your emotions under high pressure



Versatile and adaptable to diverse sporting disciplines



Experienced in working with a broad range of cultures



Countless hours dedicated to making a difference

Sports High Performance Coaching - Car racing

“I’m very satisfied with the experience and feel that I’ve dealt with some of the very important ‘whats and whys’ for moving forward. The format you have devised to help people is well thought out.”

Care Racing

Learn How We Have Helped High Performance Athletes

Let’s Make Things Happen

“I just wanted to tell you your work is so valuable. I can see the outcome of every single thing I trained with you and I could recommend you over and over again. Thank you for living your passion and being such an excellent example of putting effort into making things happen! Totally worth it”

Josselyn Alabi

SUP Surf Athlete | El Salvador

leadership training coach dris

Coach Dris

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