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How likely is it you will be a successful leader if you burn out or underperform? There is so much material in the world about building a company and running a business, but very little about how you can become your best self when running it.

In these times of rapid change and environmental complexity, leadership has become more critical than ever before. So now, more than ever, it is time for you to invest in developing skills of excellence.

We help leaders improve upon themselves so they can better lead people and organizations.

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We Believe In A Holistic High Performance Approach To Leadership Training

We teach grit, growth mindset, and mental strength to increase your ability to work hard toward challenges and maintain effort and interest over the years even with failure, adversity, and stagnating in progress.

We train your ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. These skills make great leaders.

We enhance communication and managerial skills and combining words, tonality, and body language to enable leaders to articulate and share ideas and move their team to action.

We increase energy and resilience levels by helping you eat well, move well, sleep well, and set up healthy habits to better manage your energy and positively transform your life.

We bring calm, clarity, and meaning by helping you reflect on your legacy, your core values, purpose, and alignment with your company’s mission and vision.

High Performance Coaching
leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

High Performance Coach

Unlock Your Full Potential

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We Empower Leaders To Achieve Sustainable Success

We teach the key principles to succeed as a leader in a very structured and holistic way

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Become Better at Communication

Boost Creativity & Innovation

Elevate Your Focus & Productivity

Attract & Retain Great Talents

Create a Culture of Excellence

Prevent Premature Burnout

Improve Your Mental Health

Find Happiness & Fulfillment



Experienced in working with diverse cultures



Reached to clients in the 4 corners of the world



Over 500 founders, leaders, and executives impacted

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“Dris helped me redefine my goals and set a clear plan with objectives. This coaching was exactly what I needed!”

Senior Director at SThree

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“Dris’ soulful and compassionate insights helped me gain clarity for my life path and career. I felt enlightened and empowered after my coaching sessions.”

Rochelle A. Santiago

Head of Central Operations, Google Procurement Organization

leadership training coach dris

Coach Dris

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