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Improve your performance, find your best, and have a greater impact in your world.

Are you an Athlete, a CEO, an Executive, or an Entrepreneur?
Do you see a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

You are frequently disappointed with your performance and wish you could do better.


And how likely will you be successful if you burn out or underperform?

You feel constantly drained, stressed, and overwhelmed. No matter how much work you put on, you find it harder and harder to reach your goals, be successful, and be happier.


Do you have a burning desire to be the best at what you do?

You are ambitious and committed to following your dreams.


If you answered YES to most, if not all, of those questions, then this online Masterclass has been created for you.

Now more than ever, it’s time to optimize yourself increase your energy, have higher performance, and become happier and more successful.

leadership training coach dris
Coach Dris

High Performance Coach

Are you an Athlete, a Team, a CEO, an Executive, or an Entrepreneur?

Become Your Very Best

Why Do You Need To Become Your Better Self?

In business and sports, competition is at an all-time high. Athletes, CEOs, Executives, and Entrepreneurs are challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally to keep up with the increasing levels of competitiveness.

As a result of that, mental health issues are at their peaks, burnouts are more frequent than ever, and less than 1% of start-ups and young athletes makes it to the top.

Wouldn’t it feel good to give yourself a fair chance to succeed without losing yourself, compromising your health, and sacrificing fun? And what would it feel like if you could become your best self, grow, and be able to have the success that you deserve while doing what you love?

Become successful sooner with Coach Dris

Hi, I am Coach Dris, and I have made it my mission to empower ambitious people to become their very best.

I am a high-performance coach who supports CEOs, Professional Athletes, Executives, and Entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their full potential and create more impact in their world.

I have been a corporate employee, start-up founder, and athlete, and I have learned the hard way what it feels like to work hectically and live aimlessly. I experienced depression, burnout, and anxiety. On my way to recovery, I learned everything about finding meaning and purpose, energy management, recovery practices, and sustained high performance, which I now share with others.

I have a multidisciplinary approach to coaching. I am methodical and practical. I combine sports psychology, positive psychology, NLP, eastern philosophy, and social and emotional intelligence techniques. I only use strategies and tools that are backed up by science.

My uniqueness is showing you possibilities where you can’t.

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I had the best week of my career after working with you

Adam Gefvert, Stock Trader and Analyst
Adam Gefvert

CFA – Stock Trader and Analyst

The Secret to Mastery

Forget about talent; forget about the 10000 hours of practice; these are old concepts. The only way you can find success is to improve holistically. Training/Working hard, eating well, fasting regularly, hydrating properly, and resting intelligently will lead you to produce your best results.

I give you the framework,
I teach you the tools, and help you become successful sooner.

Through years of experience, anecdotally, I have learned that there are two ways to produce amazing results. The first option requires you to put in a huge amount of effort, work hard, shift priorities towards work, and neglect other aspects of your life. This road will eventually give you some sort of success but certainly, lead you to burnout and fatigue and take a toll on your health and relationships. This is definitely not my definition of success, nor the way to happiness!

The other path is more sustainable. In it, you can learn about continuously producing the best work and best results you can. You will reach ever higher performance levels, become more successful, find happiness, and create results to be proud of and where you can inspire and create more impact around you. This is the path that I have been committed to teaching for many years.

Discover my 7 levels of Elite Performance.
I called this MasterClass program

From Stillness to Performance®

The Stilness

This first level will constitute the foundation of your psychological framework. I will help you identify your core values, determine what you stand for, and define your guiding principles.

Together, we will articulate your personal philosophy. Here, you will find out how you see the world around you and how you make sense of it. Better awareness leads to better choices leads to better results. 

I will teach you how to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to become more resilient to stress, empathize with others, and overcome challenges.

The Performance

To be productive, manage your energy, not your time. I will show you how to eat well and move well, develop healthy habits to increase your energy, and start transforming your life.

Stress + Rest = Growth. Rest plays a huge role in improving performance. Discover how the way we rest and restore determines how we perform in the short and long term.

I help you find out where you need to improve in your own respective area of expertise and empower you to take action on it.

You will learn high-performance strategies and techniques from the most successful elite athletes out there.

Join This Masterclass and Learn How To:

Elevate Your Focus & Productivity


Advance your career in business or sports


Find Happiness & Fulfillment


Have more energy and vitality


Become resilient to stress & anxiety


Create more impact in your world


Recover faster & Sleep better


Prevent Premature Burnout


Improve Your Mental Health


Some Brands We Work With



Experienced in working with diverse cultures



Reached to clients in the 4 corners of the world



Over 500 Athletes, CEOs, Executives, & Entrepreneurs impacted

Become Successful Sooner with Coach Dris

“Dris helped me redefine my goals and set a clear plan with objectives. This coaching was exactly what I needed!”

Senior Director at SThree

Elite Strategies For an Elite Performance.

Whether you are a CEO, an Executive, an Entrepreneur, or a Professional Athlete, this Masterclass is designed for you!


Change your results by managing your internal dialogue

Your Why

Articulate your Why to have better resilience and motivation

Personal philosophy

Define your guiding principles and take better decisions

High Performance

Thrive using behavioral, neurobiology, and nutritional tools

Goal setting

Become better at setting goals and commit to realizing them


Learn how to become calm and focused at the same time


Condition yourself to enter the flow state on-demand

Mental rehearsal

Gain confidence by reinforcing your neuropathways


Learn techniques to manage your emotions under high pressure

“I’m very satisfied with the experience and feel that I’ve dealt with some of the very important ‘whats and whys’ for moving forward. The format you have devised to help people is well thought out.”

Care Racing

Sports High Performance Coaching - Car racing

Become Successful Sooner with the
From Stillness to Performance®

  • A habit change for each level

  • Accountability for goals and milestones

  • Blend learning type

  • Available for teams and individuals

  • Remote and in-person

  • Implementable even if “you have no time”

Let’s Make Things Happen

“Dris’ soulful and compassionate insights helped me gain clarity for my life path and career. I felt enlightened and empowered after my coaching sessions.”

Rochelle A. Santiago

Head of Central Operations, Google Procurement Organization

leadership training coach dris

Coach Dris

Are you an Athlete, a Team, a CEO, an Executive, or an Entrepreneur?

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